dengie Invitation Summer 2014

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Important League Notices

Please ensure that all the venue's are supported during the Knockouts.

If your team are going to enter several players into the singles, you MUST distribute your players to both venues. At single venue events where there are two boards in use, a single draw will be made and allocated a board, players cannot select which board they want to play on and it may occur that players from the same team may be drawn on the same board. however unfortunate that might be, the draw must be blind and cannot be altered to suit individual players or teams.

League Results (Where known)
Div 1
Winners - Woodham Bell
Runner up - Old Vics
Captains Winner (play off between Woodham Bell/Mundon White Horse)
Highest Checkout - Dan Cole (125)
Most 180's - (no outright winner, 4 share) (2)
Div 2
Winners -The Norton
Runner up - Queens Head
Captains Winner - Queens Head
High Checkout - Chris Collis (158)
Most 180's - Mark Johnson (Ship B) (2)
Div 3
Winners - The Bell
Runner up - Roundbush
Captains Winner - The Bell
High Checkout - Kevin Munson (121)
Most 180's - (No outright winner, 2 share) (1)

Please check the web site frequently as any changes to the knockouts or results will only be shown on this page. Thank you for all the support from the Captains and good luck to everyone in the Knockouts

180s Totals

Div 1 = 18  *  Div 2 = 8  *  Div 3 = 2  *  

Total for League = 28

Highest 100+ Checkouts
Div 1 = 125  *  Div 2 = 158  *  Div 3 = 121

Welcome to the 2014/15 Winter season league.
Venues/Teams currently taking part in the 2014 Winter Season.

The Old Vics, Woodham Bell, Woodham Village, Kings Head, Mundon White Horse,
Ship & Anchor (2 teams), Burnham Con Club, Royal Oak, White Swan, Mundon Drifters, Maldon White Horse, Queens Head,  
The Bell (Purleigh), The Norton, The Station Arms, Borough Arms, Welcome Sailor, The Warwick, Round Bush, Woodham Town


Signed result sheets should be sent to -
John Dudley
15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham, Essex, CM0 7SQ
to reach me by
the Wednesday following the match.
Scanned sheets are no longer accepted as many were received last season in an unreadable state

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