dengie Invitation Summer 2014

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Welcome to the 2014 Summer season league.
Venues/Teams currently taking part in the 2014 Summer Season.

Maldon Town FC, The Old Vics, Woodham Bell, Woodham Village, Queen Vic, Mundon White Horse,
Ship & Anchor (2 teams), Burnham Con Club, Royal Oak, White Swan, Mundon Drifters, Maldon White Horse, Queens Head, J.D's,
The Bell (Purleigh), The Norton, The Station Arms, Borough Arms, Welcome Sailor (2 teams), The Warwick, Round Bush, Woodham Town

I must be notified of Result by midnight Friday following the game.
Phone 01621-778778 leaving details, Txt 07773-140028, Email or preferably using the on line result form.
Failing to do so will result in a 5 point penalty being deducted from Home Team.
Signed result sheets should be sent to -
John Dudley
15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham, Essex, CM0 7SQ
to reach me by
the Wednesday following the match.
I will accept scanned sheets sent to but please scan sensibly
at no more than 150-200 dpi. please check quality before attaching to email as I need
to be able to read clearly, all information and signatures on the sheet. Use pdf or jpg formats only.
NOTE: Your printed result sheet shows a 1 point penalty for failure to submit result. Note, this is now 5 points.
Please add Captains (or Vice) Contact Phone, mobile prefered (Not the Venue number) to the bottom of
result sheet
. This info is not published and is for committee urgent contact only.
Please state the Name, Team and Number for Clarity. Thank you

23rd Apr      
Div 1     Div 1
Maldon Town FC     Old Vics
Woodham Bell     Ship & Anchor
Woodham Village     Mundon White Horse
Queen Vic     Con Club
Div 2     Div 2
Royal Oak     White Swan
Mundon Drifters     The Bell
Maldon White Horse     J.Ds (Woodham)
Queens Head     The Norton
Div 3     Div 3
Welcome Sailor B     Station Arms
Borough Arms     Woodham Town
Ship & Anchor B     The Warwick
Round Bush     Welcome Sailor A

180's this week

100+ Check-Outs this week

180s Div 1 = 0
180s Div 2 = 0
180s Div 3 = 0
Total League 180s = 0
Highest Check Out Div 1 = 0 (0)
Highest Check Out Div 2 = 0 (0)
Highest Check Out Div 3 = 0 (0)

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