dengie Invitation Summer league 2015

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Knockout Cup Final
Winners Maldon Town F.C

Div 1 Winners - Maldon Town F.C  (Runners Up Old Vics)  (Capt Winner  Queen.Vic)

Div 2 Winners - Woodham Village  (Runners Up The Norton)  (Capt Winner Purleigh Bell)

Div 3 Winners  - Blackwater Bar  (Runners Up The Warwick) (Capt Winner - Blackwater Bar/Fox & Hounds 8 each)

Div 1 (Total 180s)Div 2 (Total 180s)Div 3 (Total 180s)
Div 1 (Highest Checkout)Div 2 (Highest Checkout)Div 3 (Highest Checkout)
Steve Jones (Maldon Town FC)Bernie Bredo (Woodham Village)Lorraine / I Harmer

Welcome to the 2015 Summer season league.
Venues/Teams currently taking part in the 2015 Summer Season.

Maldon Town FC, The Old Vics, Woodham Bell, Ship & Anchor, Queen Vic, Roundbush, Mundon White Horse, The Norton, Purleigh Bell, Burnham Con Club, Woodham Village Hall, Mundon Drifters, White Swan, Blackwater Bar, Station Arms, Borough Arms, Kings Head, Fox & Hounds, Welcome Sailor, The Warwick

Signed result sheets should be sent to -
John Dudley
15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham, Essex, CM0 7SQ
to reach me by
the Wednesday following the match.
Scanned sheets are no longer accepted as many were received last season in an unreadable state

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