dengie Invitation Summer league 2016

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League Announcements.
Still Outstanding/Team Registration Sheets
should have been in by 1st July
Woodham Bell, Blackwater bar, Ship & Anchor, Con Club, Queens head, Welcome Sailor.

Need these for teams to compete in knockouts.

1st half postponement games
The following postponements need to be played as shown
Div 1 (to be played  on 23rd Aug)
Con club Vs Ship & Anchor
DIV 2 (to be played on 6th Sept)
Purleigh Bell Vs Roundbush
Welcome Sailor Vs Kings Head
In the event a team has a 3rd postponement, the 20th Sept must be used)
Any team cancelling  on this last available date will forfeit an 11-0 loss
Div 1 (Total 180s)Div 2 (Total 180s)
Div 1 (Most 180's)

Div 2 (Most 180's)

P Turner3S Lepley4
T Blackburn2A Noonan2
Click here to view
Click here to view
Div 1 (Highest Checkout)

Div 2 (Highest Checkout)

T Martin131Liam Gill (Queens)132
R Jauncey124Louis English (Norton)126

Under 20 dart leg single DIV 1

Under 20 dart leg single DIV 2

P Asher15M Gill17
M Johnson
C Daines17

Important Notice:
As with previous seasons, results must be notified before Friday 12:00 following the Weds game.
TXT - 07773-140028 (quickest & Easiest, straight after match)
You can leave a recorded message at 01621 778778
You can send a plain Txt to
(Note: I only need the final score and captains winner. 180s etc are only taken from result sheet)
You can also Phone result in to above mobile but only between 9am - 7pm please
Both Teams are advised to notify result but there is a 2 point deduction
against the Home Team if results are not received before 12.00pm Fri.
Result sheets must be received before the following Wednesdays game.
No 180s, High Checkouts or short legs will be counted unless they are received on the sheet. Thankyou

Welcome to the 2015/16 Winter season league.
Any Teams wishing to join the league should contact either Bernie Bredo or Mike Whiteley


Signed result sheets should be sent to -
John Dudley
15 St Nicholas Road, Tillingham, Essex, CM0 7SQ
to reach me by
the Wednesday following the match.
Scanned sheets are acceptable as long as they are not large files and are clear and readable as many were received last season in an unreadable state

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