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Maldon use Darts for Windows and  TV Monitor
to display scoring and therefore there will be no actual chalker during play, though the player currently operating the Laptop will be effectively Chalking the game and should be treated as such by not distracting or approaching him during play.
Its important that callers call loudly and clearly so that scores can be quickly and accurately input and displayed on screen.
If an error occurs through mis-hearing a call etc, it can be quickly put right in the same way as a normal chalker would have to.
Generaly, this is a less distracting method of scoring and far more accurate. This method was cleared and authorised for use at the AGM.


Division B Postcodes

MALDON = CM9 5JQ  -  Park Drive - 07773 140028
BRENTWOOD SUN = CM15 9DJ  - Rising Sun, Ongar Rd  - 01277-213749
GHURKAS = CO2 7QY - 42 Meyrick Cresc - 01206 761003
COLCHESTER TOWN = CO2 7BP - walsingham rd - 01206 573115
KELVEDON = CO5 9AE - 75 High street - 01376 570589
THORPE = CO16 0HD - Station Road - 01255 861259
THURROCK = RM18 7BT - Dock Road - 01375 845955
WITHAM = CM8 1BE - 153 Newland Street - 01376 521675
RAYLEIGH RASCALS = SS6 7EJ - 89 High street - 01268 777516

Finding Us

From Maldon high street, travel down high street bearing right at the bottom, continue until sharp right bend by park gates, turn left (park drive) continue until you pass swimming pool on the left, immediately after pool you will see IZUMI restuarant. Turn left and immediately right into football ground car park.

   Wallace Binder Stadium
   Park Drive
   CM9 5JQ

General Info
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